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The Best Wood Plank Tile at the Lowest Prices

Wood plank tile is a great choice for almost any room of the house, Sleek, timeless, and easy-to-install, you can find the best plank tile flooring options here at Floor & Decor, with many colors and styles to choose from.

Uses and Forms of Plank Tile Flooring

One of the best things about plank tile flooring is that it has so many uses. You can add it to a living room to bring some life and warmth to the space, for example, or install some wood-like plank tile flooring in a bathroom or kitchen to modernize the room.

There are also lots of different varieties to choose from in wood plank tiles, from natural wood-look tiles to beige wood tiles, gray tiles, and so on. Choose lighter shades of wood plank tile to bring life and air to a room, or opt for richer tones to add warmth and comfort.

Frequently Asked Wood Plank Tile Questions

How durable are wood plank tiles compared to real wood flooring?

It depends on the quality, but well-made wood plank tiles are very durable and can last for years of usage. They're also much lower-maintenance than regular wood floors, and they can cope with spillages and stains much better.

Can wood plank tiles be installed in a herringbone or chevron pattern?

Yes, it is possible to find both herringbone and chevron wood plank tiles, and you can lay these tiles in various patterns to suit your tastes and preferences.

What are the most popular wood plank tile finishes?

Right now, a lot of homeowners are opting for light and gray tones of wood plank tile, as these tones can make rooms look bigger and more inviting.