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  • Pure Tile, Pure Bliss

    Dare I say it? Spring is finally here. Hooray for outdoor festivals and beautiful flowers. There is definitely something that motivates me when the weather is nicer and there are more hours of daylight to get cleaning, redesigning and shed that extra stuff that's been lying around the house collecting dust. Wouldn't you agree? In that spirit, there's a new product that I'd like to tell you about: Pure Tile from Floor and Decor....

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  • Getting Caulked Up This Spring!

    My fiance is so handy! He's taught me so much about regular home maintenance as well as the how to's of small to large scale remodels. One of the things he mentions frequently is the importance of caulking. While it may seem like something you would hire a contractor to do, it is rather easy and inexpensive....

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  • When it Comes to Wall Tile, Don't Be A Square

    Don’t be a square…at least when it comes to wall tile. There are so many shapes, styles and textures available at Floor and Decor there’s no reason to limit yourself to a simple square shape. What’s more, is you don’t have to use just one type of tile. Mix and match from a wide array of different materials and shapes to create a look that is uniquely yours....

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  • It's Patio Season: Pebbles, Tile and Edgers Are What's Hot!

    Living in the south, we are lucky to have more warm days than cool ones. So we definitely take full advantage of patios and outdoor spaces whether that means soaking up the sun in the backyard, grilling out on the deck or sipping on a cool drink on the front porch. But I have to tell you, even if I lived in a colder region of the country, I'd be getting as much patio time as I could. So here are some products to help you liven up your outdoor space....

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