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  • Tile Bathroom Flooring: Don't Forget to Treat Your Feet

    I'm not a fan of the cold weather. Even in the South, we've had some very cold temps - and by cold, I mean in the 20s. I can't imagine how it must be for you folks who live in the Northeast and Midwest. One thing that's important to me is keeping my feet warm. With tile, you don't realize how cold it gets on your feet until you actually walk on it....

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  • Pro Services Area

    Pros, we’ve always tried to make things hassle free for you with easy order and pickup, a dedicated Pro Sales contact for you, generous lines of credit and job site delivery. But that’s not enough. We wanted to do even more. That’s why we’ve added an even better way for you to do business with your clients....

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  • Wake Up Your Walls

    In a recent post, I discussed showing off your ceilings. In fact, I said that you should think of your ceilings as the fifth wall. But that doesn't mean your walls should be neglected or relegated to simply paint. There is so much you can do with them as well. Here are some ideas to wake up your walls....

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