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  • Three Ways to Update a Vanity

    Vanities. We spend so much time using them. From brushing our teeth to shaving and applying make-up, they play an important role in our appearance. So, don’t you want to make your vanity reflect your style as well?...

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  • Strength of Stranded Bamboo

    Have you decided this is the year you will put hardwood flooring in your home? Are you ready to rid your home of that ugly carpet? I applaud that choice. Before you decide on which specific flooring you will choose, I wanted to tell you about an option you may not have considered: bamboo....

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  • Wood Floors in the Kitchen

    There’s nothing “trendy” about hardwoods. These beautiful floors are truly timeless. What is trending is that homeowners are increasingly choosing hardwoods for their kitchen. Hardwoods bring a warmth to any room, and the kitchen - often a gathering place - is one homeowners want to feel inviting. If you have vinyl or old tile in your kitchen, now’s the perfect time to upgrade. Before you jump into remodel mode, you have a few questions to answer....

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  • Finding The Right Tile Pattern For You

    Already chosen your perfect tile for your next room makeover? Terrific! Now you have another important decision to make: the tile arrangement. With so many choices of tile sizes and materials, this is where you can let your creativity shine. The biggest variable that affects the final look of a tile pattern is how many different tile sizes are utilized. As a general rule of thumb, the more tile sizes you incorporate on your floor or wall, the more intricate your arrangement becomes....

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