5 Affordable Bathroom Remodel Tips

By Floor & Decor

Say goodbye to costly, time-consuming bathroom renovations. These five bathroom remodel tips will help you save money without sacrificing quality. With these tips, you can achieve the stylish and modern bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank.

1. Stick to Peel & Stick Tile

[Peel and stick tile](https://www.flooranddecor.com/search?q=peel%20and%20stick&start=0&sz=48&tab=search-tabs-products) is a quick and easy way to upgrade your bathroom. There's no need for any messy demolition work. Simply place the product over your existing wall or floor tiles and complete your bathroom remodel in no time at all. Whether you're looking for a new backsplash, flooring, or just a fresh look, peel and stick products are a great option.

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2. Classic Subway With a Twist

If you need to refresh your bathroom tile well below budget, opt for [subway tiles](https://www.flooranddecor.com/subway-decoratives). These tiles can be used as a backsplash, shower wall, or floor. Many people lay their subway tiles in a herringbone or chevron pattern to add personality to their bathroom. You can also lay the tiles vertically instead of horizontally. The options for creating unique and sophisticated looks with subway tiles are endless.

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3. Get a Facelift With Faucets & Fixtures

If your bathroom looks a little outdated, you don't necessarily need to gut the whole space to make it feel fresh and new. Sometimes, it takes a few minor changes to give your bathroom a whole new look. One affordable way to do this is by refreshing the fixtures. Replacing an old [bathroom faucet](https://www.flooranddecor.com/faucets), [light fixture](https://www.flooranddecor.com/lighting), or [mirror](https://www.flooranddecor.com/mirrors) can completely change the look of your bathroom, and it's a project you can easily do yourself.

Another great way to refresh your bathroom on a budget is by switching out the [hardware](https://www.flooranddecor.com/bathroom-hardware), like towel hooks and shower rods. Even these small changes can make a significant impact in terms of style.

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4. Try A New Vanity

A [bathroom vanity](https://www.flooranddecor.com/bathroom-vanities) is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any bathroom. It's a functional piece that provides a place to store toiletries, keeps you organized, and sets the tone for the entire space. By simply swapping out your vanity, your bathroom will take on an entirely new look and feel. Plus, installation is easy enough to do yourself in just a few hours.

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5. Freshen up Your Grout

If your bathroom is starting to look a little lackluster, it may be time to refresh. Changing up your grout is an easy and affordable way to do this. You can either choose a completely different color or use the same color to clean it up. It will not only renew your bathroom but also protect your tile from future stains. Plus, it's a lot easier than you might think. 

To get started:

1. Purchase [grout refresh](https://www.flooranddecor.com/tile-grout-installation-materials/mapei-ultracare-grout-refresh-M1140.html?impressionlist=tile-grout-installation-materials) and [grout cleaner](https://www.flooranddecor.com/mapei-installation-materials/mapei-ultracare-grout-refresh-pre-cleaner-M1141.html?impressionlist=tile-grout-installation-materials).

2. Once you've cleaned your bathroom, use a brush to apply the grout refresh.

3. Allow it to dry for 24 hours before using the shower or tub. You'll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes.

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A modern bathroom doesn't have to cost a fortune. With these bathroom remodel tips, you can easily give your bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank. From peel and stick tile to refreshing your grout, there are plenty of ways to create affordable bathrooms. Get creative and transform your bath and shower space into the modern oasis you've always wanted.