Top 5 Accent Wall Ideas

By Floor & Decor

Accent walls amp up the style in any room. From shower walls to living spaces, these five accent wall ideas are here to inspire you to create an unforgettable statement piece. No matter your style, an accent wall helps define the design of your space and adds extra life to your room.

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1. Textured Tile & Stone

Designing an accent wall with a textured tile or stone is the easiest way to give your room dimension and character. Try a [reclaimed brick ]( a [stacked stone ledger]( accent wall for an earthy look with a bit of natural grit. If you want a softer, elegant style try one of our [dimensional tiles]( These tiles have a smooth look with raised detail that flows through the room. Whether you choose a natural look or a subtle style, a tile with depth and dimension adds character and a sophisticated look.

2. Patterned Tile

A [bold patterned tile]( is the perfect way to liven up your room. Create subtle drama with a neutral-colored pattern or make your accent wall the statement piece with a colorful design. Remember, the number one rule in creating an accent wall is balance. If you’re choosing a bold pattern, incorporate monochromatic and neutral decor in the rest of the space.

3. Colorful Tile

If you want to liven up your room but aren’t ready for a bold pattern, try a [solid color tile]( for your accent wall. The options for creating the perfect space with a colorful accent wall tile are endless. Choose contrasting or complementing grout colors to control the look.

4. Geometric Tile

Geometric tile adds a modern edge to your design. [Hexagon tile](, [picket tile](, and [herringbone patterns]( are a go-to for angular accents. Customize the look further with grout color and installation pattern.

5. Large Format Tile

Set your style to scale by using [large format tile ]( an accent wall. Large format tile minimizes grout lines and creates the appearance of a seamless wall. The dramatic look gives any room high-style and a chic design.

No matter what your accent wall looks like, it should complement your style and personality. Accent walls are a fun way to express your creative style and step-up the look of your home. Check out our [Walls That Wow video]( for more accent wall ideas!

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