Top 4 Wood Flooring Installation Patterns

By Floor & Decor

Wood flooring has been a staple in home building for centuries, and it’s easy to understand why. Its durability and timeless style elevate the design of any room and add value to your home. Whether you’re using [engineered hardwood]( or [solid hardwood](, there are endless possibilities of wood flooring installation patterns, but a few stand out. Let’s dive in and discover the top four wood flooring installation patterns that transform any space from boring to extraordinary.

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1. Parquet Flooring Pattern

One of the most popular wood flooring installation patterns is the traditional parquet pattern. Use a parquet flooring pattern throughout your home for a bold, ode to the past. You can also use a parquet pattern to blend with coordinating planks as an accent piece in an entryway or home office. This wood floor comes preassembled, allowing you to blend with other flooring styles. A parquet flooring pattern adds a punch of personality and variation throughout your home.

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2. Chevron Flooring Pattern

If you’re looking for a wood flooring installation pattern that is a bit more modern, lay your flooring in a chevron pattern. This trend-forward design is easy to install and creates a visual flow through any room. Chevron flooring patterns are a great way to incorporate a distinct look that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

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3. Herringbone Flooring Pattern

Another excellent wood flooring installation pattern that can instantly transform any room is a simple herringbone pattern. This trending floor pattern exploded in popularity over the last decade, and the design is here to stay. Use a herringbone pattern throughout your space to give your floors a subtle dimension and a high-end look.

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4. Random Plank Flooring Pattern

No other wood installation is as popular as random plank flooring. This traditional pattern is time-tested to hold up throughout changing trends and flooring types. Random plank flooring can be used with any wood species and looks great in every room of your home. Remember when installing random plank flooring, use boards of varying lengths so that the finished product has a more appealing look to the eye.

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Choosing a wood flooring installation pattern is as personal as choosing a wall color. A well-thought-out design can make or break a room. Use one of these flooring installation patterns to elevate your space and bring in your personality. 

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