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Introducing Pure Genius Hardwood Flooring

Imagine a floor that not only enhances the look of your home, but the quality of it too. Pure Genius, the world’s first smart floor, does just that – it’s redefining hardwood flooring.

What is Pure Genius?

Classified as an engineered hardwood, Pure Genius still offers the distinctive benefits of classic hardwood flooring including added home value, refinishing flexibility & beautiful styles. But, unlike your typical engineered hardwood, Pure Genius reduces common household VOCs from indoor air, thus providing for better indoor air quality.

What is a VOC?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs, also known as volatile organic compounds, are gases emitted from solids and liquids. These gases can contain a variety of chemicals and are concentrated indoors due to many common household items. Sources of VOCs include common household items like cleaners & disinfectants, paint, air fresheners, carpet & upholstered furniture. Watch the Video

How Does Pure Genius Work?

Pure Genius is activated by both sun- and artificial light. This engineered floor comes reinforced with a titanium-dioxide finish and anti-microbial coating. The anti-microbial coating helps to prevent the spread of bacteria. The titanium-dioxide finish reduces the amount of common household VOCs, including formaldehyde, and provides for stronger, lasting floors. Once VOCs meet Pure Genius’ air-purifying agents, the active nanoparticles in Pure Genius decompose and break these gases down into water and carbon dioxide molecules.

Pure Genius pairs the classicism of hardwood flooring with modern day technology, making the air in your home cleaner by continuously reacting with VOCs that enter your home day after day. It’s revolutionary hardwood flooring that provides for a cleaner home for you and your loved ones – it’s pure genius.

If you’re ready to update your home with these new, innovative hardwood floors, let us help. Our expert designers can help you choose the perfect style and size for your space, for free. Simply, schedule a free in-store or virtual design appointment today.

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