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5 Areas to Use Stacked Stone Ledger

Are you thinking about using stacked stone in your space? Stacked stone, also referred to as ledger, is a great way to add texture and structure to your design. Here are 5 areas you can elevate both inside and outside your home by incorporating stacked stone.


Outside patios are one of the most common places for ledgers – from retaining walls to grilling stations. Stone is naturally a very durable product making it a perfect option for the outdoors.


Incorporate a touch of ledger around your home’s outdoor columns. It’s an excellent way to add style and dimension to an area you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

Home Exteriors

Enhance the curbside appeal of the exterior of your home with stacked stone. It not only brings old-world charm to your space but creates a unique visual interest.


While outdoor patios are where we most often see ledger used, fireplaces are a popular indoor spot for ledger. It’s an easy way to bring a warm and inviting feel into your space while also creating a stylized focal point.

Living Rooms

Make your wall the art with a ledger accent wall! Floor to ceiling backsplashes are on-trend in kitchens, and ledger is bringing that same look to your living space.


Bring a natural feel to your indoor oasis with a ledger wall in your bathroom. Because Floor & Decor’s ledger assortment includes a wide range of colors, you can add neutral ledgers in calm spaces without overpowering the room.

From slate ledger to quartzite ledger, Floor & Decor offers a large selection of stacked stone ledger panels. So, whether you’re going for a warm, rustic feel or fresh, contemporary look, you’re sure to find the perfect ledger for your space.

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