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What are the different textures for stone tiles?

The look and feel of natural stones vary and we provide a wide selection to match your style and project needs.

Below is a list of the common textures for stone tiles.

  • Honed: Smooth texture and finish, provides a flat to low sheen gloss. Honed tiles may have a porous appearance.
  • Honed & Filled: Smooth finish and low sheen, the small pores in honed tile are filled with cement or a clear sealant for a level surface.
  • Polished: This finish is smooth and glossy and not very porous.
  • Tumbled: A slightly rough texture achieved by tumbling the tile alongside an abrasive grit to showcase an archaic, worn appearance
  • Brushed: This surface texture is achieved by gently brushing the stone’s surface until it becomes textured and appears worn in. Brushed finish is more porous than polished stone.

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