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What is bamboo flooring?

Bamboo is a grass that has been sliced or shredded, then pressed together with intense pressure to form flooring boards. Click here to view our selection of Bamboo flooring.

  • Solid Bamboo: Made from strips of bamboo that have been dried and adhered together and then compressed in a process of pressure and heat to form durable and versatile flooring.
  • Solid Stranded Bamboo: Made from bamboo fibers and resin which have been pressed under high pressure and heat to form extremely dense blocks of solid material and then sliced to form floorboards. Stranded bamboo is typically more durable due to its intense compact composition.
  • Engineered Bamboo: Consisting of a base layer of manufactured material and a top layer of bamboo veneer. Has all of the same great benefits of Solid Bamboo, but is more structurally stable allowing for installation in basements.

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