What kind of stone gives the rustic charm that we associate with a quaint European village? Natural stone like travertine and even slate tile lends itself to the rustic appearance. While slate can be a bit tricky to walk on indoors (it has layers that heels or other shoes could get caught on), travertine doesn’t.
When you hear the words “classic style” what comes to mind? Rich wood, marble, neutral color schemes? When it comes to the classic look, you can’t get much more classic than hardwood flooring. This type of flooring has long been associated with traditional decor. Luckily, with so many different kinds available, pricing has become quite affordable.
I’ve always considered myself someone who leans more toward classic décor rather than contemporary design. Modern looking furniture doesn’t ever seem to quite suite my taste. However, I’ve been pretty impressed with some of the contemporary design styles I’ve seen at Floor & Decor. With each passing year, the products we see become more enticing, affordable, and appealing to the do-it-yourselfer and consumer. Here are some contemporary additions to flooring that I love.
Have you been contemplating new wood flooring in your home but not sure which one specifically? Instead of hardwoods, you might want to consider bamboo flooring. Bamboo isn't a wood at all but a grass. Don’t be deterred by that, as bamboo is actually pretty strong. Stranded bamboo flooring is much harder than red oak and Brazilian cherry.
The situation: You consider yourself to be handy person and like tackling DIY projects yourself. Sanding down and repainting a dresser you got at a yard sale? No problem. Putting the faux finish on your dining room walls? Piece of cake. But now you want to move on to bigger things like installing hardwood flooring. It can be quite intimidating but we've got the solution: Timberclick.
Bringing the outdoors inside and having texture in our living spaces is such a big part of decor now, wouldn't you say? There's a lot of stack stone and wood used in design elements all over homes. When it comes to wood, who says it should be limited to floors? Make your walls a striking feature with wood.
Have you been in on the fence about installing new wood flooring in your home but not sure what was the right choice? Instead of hardwoods, you might want to consider Bamboo flooring. Bamboo isn't a wood at all but a grass. But don't misinterpret this for weakness. Bamboo is extremely strong. Stranded Bamboo flooring is 3 times harder than North American Red Oak, and even harder than Brazilian Cherry.