How to Clean Every Flooring Type

By Floor & Decor

Knowing what products to use for your floors doesn’t have to be a mystery. Using the right cleaning method is the key to getting a sparkling space without comprising the integrity of your floors. Keep your home healthy and your floors happy with this guide on how to clean every floor type.

Pro Tip!

Before we dive into the nitty gritty, remember safety first. Don’t forget to wear gloves while cleaning and keep any chemicals and solutions out of the way of children and pets.

How to Clean Tile Floors

Tile floors are known for their durability, so cleaning them is relatively simple. The first step in cleaning tile floors is to eliminate dirt and dust by dry sweeping and vacuuming. After the loose debris is gone, it’s time to wet mop. You have a few options of mopping depending on how deep of a clean you want. To disinfect the floor, try steam mopping. If you don’t want to invest in a steam mop or prefer a wet mop, a regular spin mop paired with a [tile-specific cleaner]( also works. For a light or spot clean, a wet mop with a disposable cleaning pad works. One of our favorites is the [Rejuvenate Click n Clean Multi-Surface Spray Mop](

How to Clean Grout

Grout can be a bit trickier to clean. You’ll want to purchase a [grout cleaner]( to get it sparkling. For the best results, make sure to read the directions on the grout cleaner.

Start cleaning your grout by vacuuming, sweeping, or dusting the area to pick up any debris. After the area is free of dirt and dust, apply your grout cleaner and carefully follow the directions on the bottle. If your grout needs a bit more help, check out our [grout refresh video]( for instructions on how to give your grout new life.

How to Clean Marble Floors & Countertops

Preserve the integrity of your marble by being extra cautious when cleaning. Steer clear of any acidic products like vinegar, ammonia, and citrus, and be mindful of the material you’re using to apply the cleaner. Avoid wiping your marble with anything abrasive; microfiber materials work the best.

Start cleaning your marble floors by using a dry mop to pick up any dust or dirt. The [Bona Microfiber Mop]( is our preferred method for picking up dust. Wet mops work well on marbles, but make sure you’re using a gentle cleaning solution like the [Stonetech cleaner]( Read our [marble countertop cleaning guide]( for additional cleaning tips.

How to Clean Wood Floors

The key to cleaning hardwood floors is getting them to shine without damaging the wood or finish. Start by using a dry mop to pick up any dust. Next, vacuum on the hard floor setting. Hardwood can’t withstand the moisture and high temperature of a steam mop, so avoid using one. The best way to get hardwood floors sparkling is by using a [hardwood-specific mop and cleaner](

How to Clean Laminate Floors

Avoid using any potentially abrasive products on your laminate floors. If you sweep the floor, make sure you’re using a soft bristle broom. If you need to vacuum, only use a vacuum with a hard floor setting. If you don’t have waterproof or water-resistant laminate floors, it’s best to use as little water as possible when mopping. Start cleaning your floors by sweeping or vacuuming to eliminate debris. Then use a wet mop to clear away any other dirt and dust. When wet mopping, make sure to avoid any oil-based cleaners, waxes, and floor polishes. It’s best to use a [cleaning solution made for laminate floors](

How to Clean Vinyl Floors

One of the many great benefits of vinyl flooring is the easy maintenance. Before you start mopping, pick up dust and debris by dry mopping and vacuuming on the hard floor setting. Once the surface level dirt is removed, mop your floors with [wet mop]( or spin mop and a [vinyl-specific floor cleaner]( Remember to never use harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia on vinyl and wring out your mop until damp before mopping.

Keeping your home healthy and happy doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you use the right products and have a routine that works best for you and your household, cleaning your floors is easy.